The Taste of Nature

V-Ros is one of the companies in the export sector of fruit and citrus better considered by the consumer since 1920. For 5 years, Eclectick has worked on the strategy of communication and development of all its brands, adapting them to the new times without losing sight of its roots.

Bio Ros is its brand of organic farming, thanks to a 100% bio process, it contributes to the protection of the environment and to the care of the ecosystems resulting in aromatic and flavorful oranges.

Ros Bio cardboard box - Eclectick Studio
Ros Bio mug - Eclectick Studio
Ros Bio cap - Eclectick Studio
Ros Bio apron - Eclectick Studio
Ros Bio apron - Eclectick Studio
Cardboard basket BIO Ros


The communication of Bio Ros reflects a process of cultivation and confection 100% ecological, thanks to a clean packaging and a simple color palette.

Roger Pardo, Creative Director of Eclectick

Bio Ros Truck

Next project

Everyone plays in Kidom!

Kidom is a new leisure center designed for the whole family. An adventure park in which, among slides, zip lines and ball cannons, various creative games, team dynamics and celebrations take place.

Kidom logo

The importance of naming

Naming is the process by which the name of a brand is determined. And although it seems a creative procedure is the result of an analytical study with many variables to take into account.

Kidom is the result of the union of the words Kid and Dome (from the Latin domus) whose meaning is house. In short, Kidom is the house of the children and the colored arch on the letter "o" represents the dome.