Kidom illustration


Kidom is the largest family leisure center in Castellón.

Poster of the Tercera Setmana festival

Tercera Setmana 2019

Tercera Setmana is the most important Performing Arts festival of the Valencian Community.



Yourszene is the first social network dedicated to the professionals of the Performing Arts.

Egeeko - Eclectick Studio

Egeeko, Gear for Gamers

Egeeko, Gear for Gamers is the first brand of glasses designed specifically for gamers.

Sportswear from The Jumper

The Jumper

The Jumper is a sports space with trampolines.

Paellaman logo - Eclectick Studio


Paellaman is the only superhero capable of taking our best dish to the antipodes.

Feria Destaca 2016 - Eclectick Studio

Destaca 2016

Destaca 2016 is the first fair for the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the Comunitat Valenciana.

 Tirabeqe logo


Tirabeqe is a restaurant with healthy and fast food, concepts that should not be at odds.

Image of the opening of the shopping center Estepark


Estepark commissioned us to produce the opening event of the Shopping Center.

Castellón Performing Arts Congress poster - Eclectick Studio

Performing Arts congress

Graphic image for the Performing Arts congress held in Castellón and organized by Avetid.

Woman harvesting oranges in the 19th century

La Soleá

La Soleá produces the best oranges from Andalusia, land of sun and garden of Europe.

Participa App!


Participa! is a collaborative mobile application, created to make your city a better place.

Destaca 2018 Fair poster - Eclectick Studio

Feria Destaca 2018

Destaca es la primera feria de transferencia de conocimiento científico y tecnológico de carácter bienal de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Villa la Martina

Villa La Martina

Villa La Martina is an old family villa that retains all the flavor of the old Valencian houses.

Telecso logo


Telecso is the largest service and maintenance company in Castellón.



Melbel is one of the most selected brands of fruit and citrus exports.

Nela Gómez Villalonga corporate stationery


Nela Gómez Villalonga is an expert in institutional relations and in the internationalization of companies.

Ros citrus export - Eclectick Studio


Ros exports the best citrus since 1920.

Produccions Scura image

Produccions Scura

Produccions Scura is one of the most important producers of street theater and animation in Spain.

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