Science and technology as the engine of development

Destaca is the first fair of transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the Valencian Community and already a reference in Spain. On a biennial basis, the first edition of Destaca Profesional was held in November 2014 at the Center de Congressos, Fires i Trobades of Vila-real (Castellón, Spain) with the participation of more than 100 companies, research centers and institutions.

For the 2016 edition of the Destaca Fair, we have worked on a creative concept based on the 3 worlds that make up the event: science, technology and innovation, with the aim of bringing the content of the event to all people in a more transversal way.

Feria Destaca 2016 poster - Eclectick Studio
Feria Destaca 2016

Design as a tool at the service of the transmission of knowledge is essential to achieve the greatest impact.

Merchandising Feria Destaca 2016 - Eclectick Studio
Feria Destaca brochure - Eclectick Studio
Feria Destaca - Eclectick Studio
feria Destaca t-shirt- Eclectick Studio

A website at the height of the circumstances

Feria destaca website - Eclectick Studio
Feria Destaca 2016 - Eclectick Studio

Next project

Fast but healthy cuisine

Tirabeqe, a fast and healthy restaurant, was born as part of the Kidom restaurant. Located in Estepark, their dishes drink from the sources of Mediterranean cuisine and we have interpreted that essence with a fresh brand of earth and olive green tones.

We work with them in naming, the development of the brand and in the production of audiovisual material for rrss and letters, both printed and on screen. We also develop software from which the client can modify the information displayed on the restaurant screens in real time.

A flexible brand

We have created five different versions of the brand, using the same grid to obtain a flexible design that allows us to adapt it without problems to any type of support.

Do you want to visit the english version instead of this one?