Poster of the festival MUT! 2018 | Eclectick Studio

Festival MUT! is the International Festival of Performing Arts without words of Castelló. From the very beginning, its programme has tried to offer the spectator shows with a certain transgressor component that invite reflection on current social issues.

From Eclectick Studio we have tried to reflect the philosophy of the festival using for it an organic and impressive aesthetics.

Festival MUT! 2018 t-shirt | Eclectick Studio
MUT! 2018 festival | Eclectick Studio

For this edition, we asked permission from La fura dels Baus to use some images from their first performances. Images with a high degree of violence that fit very well with the aesthetics of the festival.

MUT! 2018 festival | Eclectick Studio
MUT! 2018 festival | Eclectick Studio

The website has been created with YSZN Festivals, our own application for performing arts festivals.

MUT! 2018 festival | Eclectick Studio

Next project

Egeeko is the first brand of glasses designed specifically for gamers. They incorporate an advanced technology crystal that blocks blue light and reduces eye stress. They improve the peripheral visual perception and enhance the colors on the screen.

For this project, the company Multiopticas has relied on Eclectick to make the brand image, the photos hoot, the online store, based on the shopify platform and the packaging.

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