Egeeko is the first brand of glasses designed specifically for gamers. They incorporate an advanced technology crystal that blocks blue light and reduces eye stress. They improve the peripheral visual perception and enhance the colors on the screen.

For this project, the company Multiopticas has relied on Eclectick to make the brand image, the photos hoot, the online store, based on the shopify platform and the packaging.

The website

The online store is tailored on the Shopify shopping platform. In this way, the client obtains all the advantages of one of the most solvent ecommerce companies in the world.

Imagen de la sección de productos de la web de Eggeko
Imagen de la sección de tecnología de la web de Eggeko
Modelo masculino con las gafas de Egeeko

The lighting and the treatment of the images emulate the neo-punk aesthetic, famous for films such as Blade Runner or Akira.

The Packaging

Looking to do something different, we have created a cylindrical packaging for Egeeko glasses. In this way, in addition to creating an attractive product visually and thanks to the quality of the cardboard used, we achieve that the final customer reuses the container as a desk container and in this way, we reinforce the brand image.

Packaging de Egeeko, las primeras gafas para gamers
Packaging de Egeeko, las primeras gafas para gamers
sticker egeeko

Next project

The Jumper is a new sports space with a fun method to get fit: jumping on trampolines. The jumps release adrenaline and endorphins and are a great help to mitigate stress and get out of the daily routine.

At Eclectick we have developed a brand thinking of a specific target of teenagers and young people. We have looked for a palette of bold colors, with vibrant gradients and strong typographies to develop a current and fresh aesthetic.

The Brand

This project has been started from scratch, creating first the naming and a tagline that condenses in three words the whole philosophy of the brand: Push your limits!