Estepark brand

The Estepark shopping center trusted Eclectick to organize the opening event. We prepared a medium format event with assistance by invitation, we decorated the inner square of the center with robotic lights and a stage with a led screen of 600x350 m was set up.

The main part of the event was the protocolar ribbon cutting, the projection of a corporate video and a half-minute shot of 360º pyrotechnics.

The event ended with a catering service entertained by a jazz group.

Corporate video

One of the orders we received from the client was to prepare a video showing the different stages of the construction of the shopping center to show it during the opening ceremony.

Video of the construction of the shopping center Estepark

Next project

The Valencian Association of Theater Companies and Circus Avetid commissioned us the graphic image of the first Performing Arts Congress of the city of Castellón, held in February 2019.

For this purpose, we created a combination of three posters in which a bold white typeface on a vibrant red color and superimposed images that symbolized the movement and the corporal expression of the artists stood out.

Castellón Performing Arts Congress - Eclectick Studio