The genuine taste of Mediterranean oranges.

V-Ros is one of the companies in the export sector of fruit and citrus better considered by the consumer since 1920. For more than 10 years, Eclectick has worked on the strategy of communication and development of all its brands, adapting them to the new times without losing sight of their roots.

Melbel is one of the most select brands of the company, is used for the export of fruit and citrus of first choice. Thus, the communication strategy of this brand should be focused on the freshness of its products and the place of origin of them.

Melbel cardboard box

The focus of the communication is, on the one hand, the freshness of the product freshly picked from the field, and on the other hand, the place of origin of the same.

Melbel wood box
Melbel tote bag
Melbel mug
Melbel sticker

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