Fast but healthy cuisine

Tirabeqe, a fast and healthy restaurant, was born as part of the Kidom restaurant. Located in Estepark, their dishes drink from the sources of Mediterranean cuisine and we have interpreted that essence with a fresh brand of earth and olive green tones.

We work with them in naming, the development of the brand and in the production of audiovisual material for rrss and letters, both printed and on screen. We also develop software from which the client can modify the information displayed on the restaurant screens in real time.

A flexible brand

We have created five different versions of the brand, using the same grid to obtain a flexible design that allows us to adapt it without problems to any type of support.

Tirabeqe logo
Tirabeqe tray
Tirabeqe paper cup
Tirabeqe napkin holder
Tirabeqe polo shirt
Tirabeqe business card

The brand image of Tirabeqe conveys values such as respect for nature and the use of fresh and quality products.

Tirabeqe website

The website of the restaurant has a minimalist aesthetic where the product is the real protagonist

Tirabeqe paper bag

Next project

Lluerna Creació Audiovisual branding.

Images that excite.

Lluerna, firefly in English, is a small insect that is characterized by its phosphorescent light. This corporate identity project is based on light, the raw material of the audiovisual world. The mark is a synthesis of the circles of the abdomen of the fireflies and the objective of the camera.

Lluerna is a young audiovisual producer based in Vila-real (Castellón). Founded by Juan Vicent and Juanjo Clausell, entrepreneurs with a long professional career linked to audiovisual production, media and photography.