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Restyling: update your company's image.

By now we've all realized that technology advances surprisingly fast, and so does design. It is not uncommon for technology and design to be closely related. After all, both disciplines are based on creating, innovating and reinventing.

Technology makes it easier for us to automate or increase the efficiency of certain mechanisms or actions, which have a great impact on the more rational part of the brain or the neocortex. Design, however, reaches us in a much more indirect or subconscious way; an image can transmit a message to us through visual actions that have an impact on our emotions, in the limbic or emotional part of the brain.


Knowing how to transmit the value and purpose of a company, at a glance, is not an easy task.

Aware of this evolution, major brands such as Adidas, Ikea, Pepsi, etc. tend to check their visual identity periodically, even if it is so slightly that we, users, find it somewhat irrelevant. And while it's true that some corporate elements such as colours or typography do not usually change, so as not to lose the essence of the brand, the purpose of a change of image usually seeks to change the way we perceive them.

Some of the most famous restylings of the last few years:

Google brand redesign
Mastercard brand redesign
AirBnb brand redesign
Pinterest brand redesign
Spotify brand redesign
Youtube brand redesign

The course of time, a change of era, temporality... They seem obvious reasons for a company to decide to update its image. And, although there are relevant factors when making these decisions, there are other factors that indicate the need for restyling:

- A change in the company's values or philosophy. It usually occurs when the company is very old, and evolution makes it convenient to re-examine the brand.

- A company may consider that its image is not good because at the beginning of its activity it did not have sufficient resources or, perhaps, it had other priorities. A period of stability and recognition can be ideal to renew and enhance the image of a company or brand.

- The product or service offered has been modified and, to some extent, confuses the target audience. If the client does not recognize the brand or it is not effective, it is time to change its image and reflect those changes.

- If the company expands and launches itself into foreign trade, it is more than convenient to revise the image, since it is possible that in other regions there are certain design trends, as well as a whole series of values and perceptions different from those of the country of origin, which can influence the way in which the brand is perceived. A good professional should take these characteristics into account and design or adapt your brand image so that it has an impact on all of them.

- If you want to change the type of clientele that comes to a business, since it is possible that the image of the company attracts a type of clientele that is not "desired". For example, if you want to attract a younger audience, you must adapt the image to give it a more youthful and casual style, and that is something that only a good professional will know how to shape.

- If the company is in a situation of "crisis" it is possible to infuse new energy through a fresh and renewed image. This is the best way to undergo a "facelift" and move forward.

- If there is a change in management, or a hierarchical restructuring within the company, it is very likely that the company's mission statement will be renewed, so it may also be a good time to update its image.

Simplifying is the trend

In design, the motto: 'less is more' is commonplace. The aim is to simplify the brand image until it can be synthesised in a way that is easily recognised by the naked eye.

We can see a couple of examples of how, over the years, iconic brands have evolved to become what we see today:


Starbucks logo evolution


Shell logo evolution

We hope to have helped you see why a makeover can be a great business decision. And, be sure to know that if you need restyling, for whatever reason, don't hesitate in contacting us. We like to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients when it comes to giving them something as important as a new appearance.

In Eclectick Studio we will listen attentively to your needs, we will study your objectives exhaustively and we will make you a proposal without commitment!

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