The Jumper is a new sports space with a fun method to get fit: jumping on trampolines. The jumps release adrenaline and endorphins and are a great help to mitigate stress and get out of the daily routine.

At Eclectick we have developed a brand thinking of a specific target of teenagers and young people. We have looked for a palette of bold colors, with vibrant gradients and strong typographies to develop a current and fresh aesthetic.

The Brand

This project has been started from scratch, creating first the naming and a tagline that condenses in three words the whole philosophy of the brand: Push your limits!

The Jumper logo
The Jumper tagline
Sweatshirt and Polo from The Jumper
Jumper logo - Eclectick Studio
Signage The Jumper - Eclectick Studio
Sportswear set from The Jumper
The Jumper Lanyard

The Jumper is a daring and uncomplicated brand for people without fear of strong emotions

The Jumper van

Next project

Paellaman does not make paellas ... he makes superpaellas !! Its mission is to bring Valencian gastronomy to the most recondite places on the planet. You can see it in action between the skyscrapers of Gold Coast, Australia. As a good superhero, Paellaman also needed a brand that would identify him and who better than a superstudio like Eclectick to do it. We present it to you...

Paellaman food truck