Paellaman does not make paellas ... he makes superpaellas !! Its mission is to bring Valencian gastronomy to the most recondite places on the planet. You can see it in action between the skyscrapers of Gold Coast, Australia. As a good superhero, Paellaman also needed a brand that would identify him and who better than a superstudio like Eclectick to do it. We present it to you...

Paellaman food truck
Paellaman business cards - Eclectick Studio
Paellaman t-shirt - Eclectick Studio
Paellaman marquee - Eclectick Studio
Paellaman paper cup - Eclectick Studio

A brand must differentiate from the competition and grant personality. Paellaman is easily recognizable by his clients.

Paellaman flyer - Eclectick Studio
Paellaman packaging - Eclectick Studio
Paellaman apron - Eclectick Studio

Next project

Science and technology as the engine of development

Destaca is the first fair of transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the Valencian Community and already a reference in Spain. On a biennial basis, the first edition of Destaca Profesional was held in November 2014 at the Center de Congressos, Fires i Trobades of Vila-real (Castellón, Spain) with the participation of more than 100 companies, research centers and institutions.

For the 2016 edition of the Destaca Fair, we have worked on a creative concept based on the 3 worlds that make up the event: science, technology and innovation, with the aim of bringing the content of the event to all people in a more transversal way.

Feria Destaca 2016 poster - Eclectick Studio