Kidom illustration


Kidom is the largest family leisure center in Castellón.

Poster of the Tercera Setmana festival

Tercera Setmana 2019

Tercera Setmana is the most important Performing Arts festival of the Valencian Community.



Yourszene is the first social network dedicated to the professionals of the Performing Arts.

Paellaman logo - Eclectick Studio


Paellaman is the only superhero capable of taking our best dish to the antipodes.

Feria Destaca 2016 - Eclectick Studio

Destaca 2016

Destaca 2016 is the first fair for the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the Comunitat Valenciana.

Logo Lluerna Creació Audiovisual - Eclectick Studio


Lluerna is an audiovisual producer based in Vila-real with extensive experience in all types of productions.

Castellón Performing Arts Congress poster - Eclectick Studio

Performing Arts congress

Performing Arts congress held in Castellón.

Feria Destaca 2018

Destaca 2018

Destaca 2018 is the first fair for the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the Valencian Community.

Km 0 local product - Eclectick Studio

Km0 local product

Km0 local product, aims to promote the consumption of fresh and proximity foods.

Festival sacromonte | Eclectick Studio

Festival Sacromonte

Festival Sacromonte es un evento de Artes Escénicas que se celebra en Granada.

Produccions Scura image

Produccions Scura

Produccions Scura is one of the most important producers of street theater and animation in Spain.

Bio Ros - Eclectick Studio

Bio Ros

Bio Ros is a brand of organic farming. Thanks to a 100% natural process, it contributes to the protection of the environment.